P83421 - LNER A3 class no. 60103 "Flying Scotsman", Evesham - Trains in the Landscape

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LNER A3 class no. 60103 Flying Scotsman crosses the River Avon at Evesham with the return Cotswold Explorer Railtour
LNER A3 class no. 60103 "Flying Scotsman" crosses the River Avon at Evesham with the return "Cotswold Explorer" Railtour
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Date : 15th June, 2019
Photograph Reference : 83421
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 320
Exposure Time : 1/800sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 30mm
Modifications : RAW modified
This is the first steam tour through Evesham that I managed to photograph in 2019, and is the first time that I have managed to photograph "Flying Scotsman" with a DSLR, although I have photographed the locomotive at this location (The River Avon west of Evesham Station) with a 35mm film camera.   

I must admit I wasn't 100% sure that the locomotive was going to be on this working until it turned up.   From what I was led to believe, the tour was supposed to work the Cotswold Line on the outward leg and return via Sapperton, but it seems that the workings were reversed on the day.   It is also possible that had the weather been better during the week leading up to this tour, I might have either photographed this at Eckington during their annual open garden event, or not photographed it at all, as I might have been attending "Wartime in the Vale 2019", but the extremely wet weather that had prevailed during the previous few days forced me to rethink my plans for this particular weekend.   
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