P85275 - Unidentified Boat, Hampton Ferry, Evesham - Water-based Transport

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Unidentified Boat, Hampton Ferry, Evesham, Worcestershire
Unidentified Boat, Hampton Ferry, Evesham, Worcestershire

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Date : 27th February, 2021
Photograph Reference : P85275
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 125
Exposure Time : 1/640sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 150mm
Modifications : RAW modified
I'm assuming that this rather unconventional mooring angle resulted from flooding that had occurred in the previous couple of months (either that, or it was inspired by the film version of "Live and Let Die").

This was taken with the 500mm zoom lens on only its second outing since its purchase in 2020.   I had planned to try and photograph some waterfowl along the river, and had managed to come up with a way of packing this rather large lens into my camera rucksack, although it meant that I could not pack the camera with a lens attached.   The photograph was perhaps a case of overkill in this instance; it was taken at the lowest focal length of the lens and thus could have been handled with the 250mm lens (I hadn't packed this, choosing only to bring my 16-80mm lens as well for short range work in order to save weight).  

The image is also the first to be reworked in Paint Shop Pro 2021.
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