As of September 2016, a new print sales facility to sell prints from Hi-Res versions of the photographs on this site has been set up using 3XM galleries.   This facility replaces the original Photobox one that I closed down in July 2016, and although not an exact replacement, this system does most of what I require in the way of selling prints, and the basic setup is free to use (additional facilities can be purchased).   The products are produced by One Vision Imaging Ltd.
The system is gallery-based, and I have set up several galleries to correspond with certain collections on the main site.   In setting up the replacement galleries, I have been somewhat more selective in which items I am choosing to sell than I was with the Photobox gallery, with 35mm and older digital photographs not being included, at least for the moment anyway. 
[I tested the 3XM ordering system in August 2017, and apart from a small issue where I had to supply an address line I didn't have (I copied the line I did have, which didn't seem to cause an issue), the system appears to work properly.]
Items that are not currently available in the sales galleries will be considered for addition upon request.   There will be no obligation to purchase a requested item, but equally I won't consider myself obliged to make requested items available for sale, nor to keep them for sale for any indefinite period of time.   Certain items are unlikely to be made available, either for legal reasons, personal reasons (e.g "Jerry the Chinchilla"), or if I deem them of insufficient quality for sales purposes.    Please use the above link to contact me if you wish for any items to be considered for sale, quoting the Pxxxxx photograph reference number(s) required.  I am also prepared to consider customisation of images (other than those customised items listed below), although it is likely that I will increase charges for custom items in accordance with the nature of the customisation, and may only offer customised prints at larger print sizes.
The pricing structure has been reviewed and prices have been revised on most of the galleries listed below for 2017.   Some photographs are available for direct download at a premium.  
Some photographs can be purchased as captioned images, where my name and a description of the image has been added.   In order to facilitate product composition these are only available in print sizes with a 3:2 size ratio (minimum size 9x6 inches), and the images are not available to download.
In addition, some photographs are available in formats designed to complement certain products available through 3XM.  At the moment, I am working on mouse mat designs, but am considering other products as well. 
The items are offered for sale (including downloads, where offered) for personal use only (as per my definition on the "Usage" page), and may not be reproduced, sold onto third parties or published without my consent in writing.   
Sales Galleries currently set up
Diesel Locomotives
Evesham Events (River Festival and "Wartime in the Vale")
Heritage (National Trust) Properties
Landscape and Architecture
Narrow Gauge Railway Photographs
"Nature" Photographs
Standard Gauge Steam Locomotive Photographs
"Trains in the Landscape" Photographs

Captioned Images
[Galleries listed in italics have been set up to allow purchasing of images files for downloading]
Product-related Sales Galleries
The products available in these galleries are intended for personal use only, and may not be reproduced or sold onto third parties without my consent in writing.    However, I am prepared to consider making arrangements for items to be purchased in bulk for resale (with the possibility of a price discount) as the 3XM system does allow client-specific purchasing arrangements to be set up.    Please contact me via the link at the top of the page if you wish to discuss this further.
Mugs : images formatted in line with 3XM mug dimensions.  Right-handed and Left-handed designs available (currently suspended, but may be restored in 2019). 
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