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"Wartime in the Vale"  Notes
In light of the loss of official status in 2016,  the following conditions apply until further notice:
  • I will no longer consider myself obliged to donate any publishing revenues to charities supported by the event.
  • I will no longer consider myself obliged to supply  copies of the photographs to the organisers, or any parties supplying exhibits  or re-enactments (any further items supplied to the organisers would require a new agreement to be in place first, anyway).
  • I will not consider myself obliged to turn up at  future events, and if I do, this work will be on an unofficial basis, likely to be limited to one day's work (and no evening work) and subject to the normal  limitations of the general public.   
  • I reserve the right to limit the use of the  photographs already supplied to the organisers in previous years.

I have been in contact with Paul Valiadis,  organiser of the event from 2009 - 2015, who has confirmed that the first event  was held in 2009, and as such the 2017 event was not the 10th anniversary event,  as promoted by the current management (a fact supported by my copy of the event  brochure for 2009).   If the current management have evidence to support their  claim that 2017 was the 10th anniversary event, I will be happy to make the  necessary amendment to the collection.   

At this moment, since the Ashdown Camp website  acknowledges the work I did in previous years, I am prepared to continue to allow my work to be used to promote the event, but not be used in any  form of revenue generation, including use in the event brochure (which I don't  consider to have been up to the quality levels in 2016  and 2017 that I would want my work associated  with, although the 2018 one was somewhat of an improvement).   I do however reserve the right to change my mind on this (my agreement with Paul gave me the right to withdraw usage permissions in the event of a management change, or if I was not retained as official  photographer).  

If, however, the current management wish to cease using my work to promote future events, that is their right.   It makes very  little difference to me whether or not my work is used to promote this event; all that I request is that I am credited for any work used, and the  photographs are used under the conditions stated above.    

I can't really see me returning to this event in an  official capacity.   I do not have as much free time as I used to, I'm not getting any younger, and I find myself not really wanting to do events in a official capacity any more.

Photograph Sales
As of 2017, I have revised my policy on sales from "Wartime in the Vale", and a selection of high resolution photographs from these events have now been made available for purchase.   As it would appear that 3XM will tolerate reproduction of images similar in nature to those of the ones I have of Kitten Von Mew and Kitty Ribbons, I have made some of these images  available for sale.   

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