P52117 - "And I Dream of an Eagle..","Planet Abba" - Planet Abba

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Planet Abba, Evesham River Festival 2010
"And I Dream of an Eagle","Planet Abba", Evesham River Festival 2010
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We now move to the second set, and to my favourite Abba track "Eagle", from  which the quote in the title is taken.   Unfortunately, I didn't have quite as  good a position as I did with the first set (they were a very popular act), so  the photographs are mostly taken off to one side.
Date : 10th July, 2010
Photograph Reference : P52117
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 800
Exposure Time : 1/160sec + flash
Aperture : F7.1
Focal Length : 70mm
Modifications : Camera JPG modified (May 2020)
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