P84149 - Lancastrian Scout, Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2019 - Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2019

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Lancastrian Scout, Battle re-enactment, Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2019
Lancastrian Scout, Battle re-enactment, Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2019
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Date : 14th July, 2019
Photograph Reference : P84149
Camera : Sony A77
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/640sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 150mm
Modifications : RAW Modified
Another view of the mounted scout seen at the beginning of the collection.   The main reason I had come to this event was that I had been asked for some photographs of medieval cavalry from a later period than the mid-1200s (see my "Battle of Evesham" collections), and a re-enactment of this battle (not too far from where I live) seemed like the best opportunity to obtain some.   This was probably the best shot of a mounted trooper that I got, and it was perhaps a pity that this was the only mounted re-enactor seen during this event.    

The horse is an example of a British Percheron and is named "King".

This photograph was used in the book "Der Venezianerkrieg" ("The Venetian War") by Florian Messner and Hagen Seehase.  It is perhaps interesting to note the fact that a photograph taken at a re-enactment of one 15th-Century conflict has been repurposed to illustrate another.
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