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I've done a lot of work at local events over the years, especially after converting to Digital SLR photography, and I'm probably most famous as the Official Photographer to the "Wartime in  the Vale", a post held from 2013 to 2015.   I have also been Official Photograph to Evesham River Festival (2009 -2011, and appointed to the post in 2012, although that year's event was cancelled), and the Evesham Vale 10K run (2009).
Battle of Evesham 2018 Re-enactment Photographs
Battle of Evesham 2021 Re-enactment Photographs
Battle of Evesham 2022 Re-enactment Photographs
Cropthorne Walkabout 2018 Photographs
Cropthorne Walkabout 2024 Photographs
Eckington Flower Festival 2017 Photographs
Cropthorne Walkabout 2018 Photographs
Evesham Carnival 2018 Photographs
Evesham Carnival 2019 Photographs
Evesham Medieval Market 2020 Photographs
Evesham Medieval Market 2021 Photographs
Evesham Medieval Market 2022 Photographs
Evesham Regatta 2019 Photographs
Evesham River Festival 2011 Photographs
Evesham Vale 10k Race 2009 Photographs
Fladbury Walkabout 2017 Photographs
George May Headstone Dedication Service Photographs
Sir Henry Fowler Blue Plaque Unveiling Photographs
Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2019 Photographs
Wartime in the Vale 2015 Photographs
Wartime in the Vale 2019 Photographs
At present I am not seeking, nor am I likely to accept any requests to have any official status on events, unless I have a pre-established relationship with the individual or organisation making the request.   However, depending on the nature of the event, I may be prepared to supply photographs to the organisers of those events that I do photograph unofficially; please use the contact link at the bottom of the page to get in touch.  

As of 2019, it is my intention to limit the number of collections relating to any particular regular event on this page to a maximum of four in order to avoid the site becoming overloaded.
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