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There wasn’t any photography conducted, mainly due to the weather which was for the most part mild and wet (although not as much rain as in previous months).   I don’t consider this to be too much of a loss, as I’ve found that my options for January tend to be limited anyway, and I no longer have the option of a session with Jerry the Chinchilla if all else fails.

However, I can report that after two years, this site is now completely running in HTML5 with the removal of the “Evesham Regatta 2016” photograph collection.   I had initially planned to convert this, but having taken the decision not to do the 2020 event, I felt that I had other priorities with my workload over the next few months and it was no longer worth converting the collection at this time.

It is not to say though, that material removed during this conversion won’t return to the site in some shape or form in the future.   I have been considering a “Water Transport” collection in which some removed River Festival photographs may end up, as well as some other items taken in Swanage; hopefully this will get done at some point during 2020.  

That doesn’t mean that work on this site is finished.   There are some things that need modification, especially with the earlier collections where I wasn’t as familiar with the design application as I am now, and thus work on this site is ongoing.  

I have significant birthday during the month (Clue – I’m the same age as the Dean Forest Railway Society) and I hope to get some photography done during this period, weather permitting.   However, I also plan to finally implement a long-overdue computer upgrade, which will probably also involve a Paint Shop Pro upgrade as well, so this might end up taking priority.
I’m also hoping to find time to convert “Railways of the Vale of Evesham” to HTML5 and finally sort out its long overdue domain name.  
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