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All Dressed up, but Nowhere to Go
I did manage a small amount of photography at the beginning of March, but the Covid-19 situation has put paid to any thoughts of photography for the foreseeable future.   My normal activities have either been closed or cancelled, and current restrictions on leaving my house have effectively put paid to working elsewhere, so for the moment, my camera kit has been dismantled and packed away.  Also, as of 1st April, I am now on what is effectively paid leave from my job, and probably expect this to last until the end of the month.  

On the positive side, I have a new computer system, upgrades to my web design and image manipulation applications installed, and a fair amount of work to do on four websites.   As far as this site goes, I’ve discovered that I can implement internal link references between the collections and the gallery module (rather than the external ones being used previously) which should be more efficient; the links out from the latter should all be done, and I’m now working through the collection links back to the gallery module.   I’ve decided to leave the contact links in their current configuration, though, as I may change the form setup in the future, and don’t want to have repeat this exercise if I do change things.   

I would also point out that there are no restrictions on me sending material out by email, so R.J. Kyte Photography is still open for anyone wanting to publish an existing item; I just cannot get any new material for the time being.  

I have also decided to unlock more of the photographs in order for them to be recognised on search engines.  I am veering towards doing this with older material (the 0xxxx, 5xxxx and 6xxxx series photographs), with newer ones getting a further level of quality reduction if unlocked.   Items available for sale will remain locked.  

I also intend to deploy a HTML5 version of “Railways of the Vale of Evesham” during April, and then shift “Railways of the Forest of Dean” back onto its rightful domain.   I may well start tackling outstanding work on all of the railway sites, and I am also considering taking on another project which I was asked to do some years ago, but never quite got round to.  

For once in my life, I am perhaps glad that I am not a professional photographer, as I suspect that if I was, I would be having a harder time of it now than I am.   I’ve also been fortunate to be in a position to help some of the heritage railways struggling at the moment, and I’ve added links to those appeals that I’ve already contributed to (and expect to contribute to more in the near future).

I also intend to donate any publishing fees for railway-related photographs to these causes until futher notice.  I don't want to see these railways cease operating.

Sales Galleries to be withdrawn
I've now been informed that the company producing the prints and products from my sales galleries has suspended operations due to Covid-19, and any orders placed with them will be delayed accordingly.  

Evesham Regatta 2019 : to be closed down at the end of April 2020 (this was scheduled to happen regardless of Covid-19 due to the gallery subscription expiring).
Captioned Prints : I had planned to close this in summer 2020 as sales levels have been disappointing, but in light of the supplier situation, I have decided to implement this in April 2020

In addition, I intend to review my other sales galleries with regards to reducing the number to cut costs.   This may see galleries closed down or merged.

Product Sales
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