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I didn’t manage as much photography as I would have liked in June.   Of the four events I had considered photographing during the month, only the 2019 Evesham Carnival and “Wartime in the Vale” events got done, and the latter was perhaps somewhat disappointing when compared to previous years.   If I had known the way things would turn out over the month, I think I would done the Dean Forest Railway’s Gala and dropped “Wartime” instead, and I suspect that I won’t be in attendance for that event in 2020.

Jerry the Chinchilla
Regular visitors to his photograph collection may be wondering if there are any 15th birthday photographs.   In this case, I didn’t get to take any, and towards the end of the month Jerry has had some serious health issues, which are still playing out at the time of writing.   Whatever happens, I don’t think things will go back to where they were; Jerry is quite old for a chinchilla, and one thing I have decided on is that that it is not fair on my mother to be asked to take care of him while I’m on holiday.   As a result, any activities on my part will now be limited to day trips for the remainder of Jerry’s life.

Update 7/7/2019 : Jerry's condition appears to be improving.

Any activities undertaken in July will be subject to how the situation with Jerry the Chinchilla works out.  
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