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Jerry the Chinchilla
It is with a deep sense of loss that I have to report that Jerry the Chinchilla passed away on October 29th aged 15 years and 4 months.   He had been suffering from health issues since the beginning of July and although initial treatment showed some promise, his condition deteriorated suddenly at the end of October and he passed away before I could get him to the vets.   I suspect though, that had he made to the vets, the only option would have been to put him to sleep, and I am at least glad I was spared having to make that decision.  

I could write a lot more about him, and I may well do at a later date once I’ve come to terms with his loss.   I will however thank the staff at De Montfort Veterinary Hospital, Evesham for the care they took of him during his lifetime, especially in the last four months.

October (and beyond)
I didn’t do as much photography during October as I’d hoped for, in part down to the month being somewhat of a wet one.   However, I did visit both Severn Valley and Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railways, in both cases accompanied by my mother, and in both instances the train fares paid by a combination of mine and my late father’s shareholder benefits in the lines.   Although I did not do a vast amount of photography on either visit, I did enjoy having the company of my mother on both trips, especially as we don’t often do activities where it is just the two of us.  

November (and beyond)
In light of the loss of Jerry, I won’t make any promises about November.   If I can, I will try and slot a National Trust property in, but it will almost certainly be one close to home, and will depend on the weather.

However, I have almost completed conversion of “Railways of the Forest of Dean” to HTML5, and I hope to have this uploaded during the month.  I’ve also started work on converting the “Evesham River Festival 2011” collection, with a view to having this online by the end of the year.  

Looking a little further forward, I am aiming to complete the conversion of this site and “Railways of the Vale of Evesham” to HTML5 before the end of March 2020, and I’m not ruling out the possibility that any photograph collections not converted at this point will end up being removed.   “Railways of the Vale of Evesham” will finally get its own domain name at some point during this period.
I also want to do a computer upgrade at some point during this period as well, which is now somewhat overdue.  
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