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As far as my 2020 photography went, it certainly wasn’t a case of quantity, but I would like to think if I couldn’t manage quantity, then I at least managed quality.   For the most part, the few sessions I attempted went reasonably well, although one session was abandoned due to parking issues and there was a near-disaster with another due to me not setting the camera up correctly; fortunately, the camera partially compensated for my error on the JPG files which did at least make them usable with some Paint Shop Pro work.  
2020 was the first year in a very long time (I would say at least 25 years) where I made no train journeys whatsoever.  However, because of the amount of money I donated across six heritage railways over the course of the year, I actually spent more money on them than I would normally have done, and they didn’t even have to run a train for me.   I won’t go into exact amounts, but those six railways each received a three-figure donation, with the total amount being into four figures.  And I’m not saying I’m finished yet.
Equipment-wise, I added starburst filters and a (second-hand) 500mm zoom lens to my kit at the beginning of the year.  Neither of these items were used to any great deal during the year; in fact, the lens didn’t get a test run until October (fortunately, my slight concern over compatibility turned out to be unfounded).
It is possible that I may have been too cautious in my interactions with the outside world over the past nine months, but, that saying, I’ve ended the year with my health intact and still employed, so I consider myself very fortunate, although we are not out of the woods yet.   
On other matters, all four of my sites now have their own contact forms, and I’ve begun switching over the photograph contact links on this site to a new form which doesn’t duplicate resources, unlike the existing one.   At the moment, all enquiries are routed through this site’s email as I don’t consider the enquiries traffic levels on the railway sites to warrant setting emails for those sites, but I may change this at some point in the future.
I’m not going to make any predictions for my 2021 photography at present; ask me again at the end of March.   I do however feel that it will be down to people like me to assist in helping the economy to recover once the pandemic is past.   
What I have been considering are some more long-term objectives, looking at the next decade or so.  I want to expand my horizons somewhat, and it’s possible that at some point I will bite the bullet and volunteer my services at a heritage railway
Heritage Railway Appeals
I have made substantial contributions to the following appeals, and may well add others to the list during the remainder of 2020.  If you have enjoyed the contents of this site or have found them useful (or any of my other sites for that matter), then please consider making a donation.

I also intend to donate any publishing fees for railway-related photographs to these causes until futher notice.  I don't want to see these railways cease operating.

In addition, I also have supported the following causes:

* Although these appeals have reached their targets, donations are still being accepted.
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