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I didn’t manage any photography in April, and unlike March, this was at least partly due to circumstances I could control.  In fact, as far as this site was concerned, there were few obvious changes made during the month, unless anyone was looking for collections that were scheduled for removal (and some of those still remained online at of the end of the month).  

I have however, been working on some other projects, some of which have been on the back-burner for a while due to the work being done on this site.   As of the end of April, “Gateway to the LMS” has been converted to HTML5, and I plan to convert my other two railway sites over the next couple of months (with “Railways of the Vale of Evesham” finally getting its own domain, hopefully).   Once these are done, I plan to upgrade my computer, which will probably mean that the old web design application will be discarded (I believe I can convert any remaining photograph collections by referencing the source code).  

I do expect to do some photography during the month, if only because I have booked a three-day ticket to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway’s Spring Gala (that saying, last year circumstances beyond my control resulted in not being able to attend on the last day).  

I am also considering photographing the first day of Evesham Regatta, depending on what the weather decides to do that day.   As of 1st May, the program shows only 172 crews racing, which should hopefully avoid a late finish.  

I don’t intend to do this year’s Cropthorne Walkabout as I feel that I would probably just end repeating previous sessions, and I would probably benefit from some time away from that event.
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