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May has proven to be a very productive month.  As well as the Evesham Medieval Market event (which I was expecting to do), I also photographed Eckington Open Gardens and Flower Festival (which I wasn’t – the event was held earlier than normal apparently because of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and I only found this out a couple of days before the event purely by chance).  Although the weather during the month wasn’t brilliant, it was an improvement over the previous year, although I suspect that if I’d gone away on holiday in the week I’d originally planned to do, I would have been a little disappointed.
As a result of the May sessions, I have more photographs logged to my database for 2022 than I managed in 2020 in total, and with three National Trust properties and one heritage railway visited this year, this is now officially a better year than 2020 (as far as NT visits go, it’s also a better year than 2021, where I only managed two).  
A flash issue on the Eckington session (a failure on my part to check battery levels) has caused me to consider replacing the flashgun I originally bought for use for my Sony A200.  Because Sony changed the flash mounting on the A77, this flashgun needed an adaptor to be used with that camera, and I’m starting to wonder exactly how compatible it is.  Because I don’t do a lot of work requiring flash, I don’t particularly want to spend a vast amount of money on a replacement; this is a matter I intended to give more thought to over the summer.
Site-wise, other than additions of images, I’ve not done a great deal this month.  However, additions to the site during the month have now pushed the number of images on this site in excess of 5,000, covering 21 years of my work (although most are from 2008 onwards).

I think perhaps I should point out something I haven’t done in 2022, and that is either Cropthorne Walkabout or Evesham Regatta; this was the first year since 2007 where I had the choice to do one or both events, but didn’t do either.  I doubt I will return to the Regatta with the frequency or coverage levels I’ve previously managed, but I may return to the Walkabout in 2023.
If all goes to plan, I am expecting June to be another productive month for my photography.  The Jubilee weekend (3rd – 5th) is expected to be spent at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway’s spring gala, and I am booked to go to Dorset for a week later in the month, my first holiday away from home in nearly four years.  
Heritage Railway Appeals
I have made substantial contributions to the following appeals (total donations exceeding £1k, with individual donations exeeding £100).  If you have enjoyed the contents of this site or have found them useful (or any of my other sites for that matter), then please consider making a donation.

I also intend to donate any publishing fees for railway-related photographs to these causes until futher notice (although I may well cease to do this in the first half of 2022).  I don't want to see these railways cease operating.

In addition, I also have supported the following causes:

* Latest appeal now complete, but general donations still being accepted.
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