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As of May 2021, I have opened a new sales facility using and am in the process of transferring some of the photographs currently being sold on the 3XM system to this one.   This facility is geared more towards wall-mounted products, but I think is perhaps the way I should be going with regard to sales.   I do plan to maintain a presence with 3XM, and "Event"-related items will continue to be handled from this facility for the time being.

The position on sales as of the end of June 2021 is as follows:
  • Some items from the “Landscape and Architecture” collections have been transferred to Photo4Me.   This are the items I feel work well as wall art, and those that haven’t been transferred have been withdrawn.   In some cases, particularly where “Worcestershire” and “Gloucestershire” are concerned, I feel that I would benefit from updating some of the images previously offered for sale.
  • Some items from the “Nature” collections are on sale through Photo4Me.
  • I am in process of transferring some of the “Transport” sales items to Photo4Me; these are the items I feel work best as wall art.  For the moment those items not being transferred to P4M will remain available on 3XM, although I am considering making these items only available to purchase as file downloads.
  • “Event” sales will continue to be handled by 3XM, although I am only selling a limited range of print sizes, up to 12x8 inches.  (one “Event” item has made onto Photo4Me). Downloads are also available.  
  • Items from the “Heritage Properties” collections will not be made available from Photo4Me at present due to possible consent issues.
  • Requests for items not current available for purchase on either platform will be considered, and depending on the photograph and the nature of the request, uploaded to the platform I consider most suitable
  • Photographs on P4M will have a minimum resolution of 3600 x 2400 pxls.   Going forward, photographs on 3XM will have a minimum resolution of 3000 x 2000 pxls; any items with a lower resolution will be withdrawn.
The items are offered for sale (including downloads) for personal use only (as per my definition on the  "Usage"  page), and may not be reproduced, sold onto third parties or published without  my consent in writing.

Sales Galleries currently set up
Dorset (handled by
Gloucestershire (handled by
Worcestershire (handled by
Nature (handled by
Steam Locomotives - BR (handled by
Steam Locomotives - GWR (handled by
Steam Locomotives - LMS (handled by
Steam Locomtives - LNER (handled by
Steam Locomotives - SR (handled by

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