P73305 - Workman Bridge at Night, Evesham, Worcestershire - Night Photography

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Workman Bridge at Night, Evesham, Worcestershire
Workman Bridge, Evesham, Worcestershire
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This was taken closer to the bridge than in the previous shot, and as can be seen, the nature of the lighting has been changed in the seven years between the two photographs.   Personally, I think I prefer the 2010 lighting of the bridge, although I did discover when working on this image that the bridge colour could be shifted by a substantial range if I desired.  I've chosen to leave it approximately as exposed.  
Date : 4th January, 2017
Photograph Reference : P73305
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 4sec
Aperture : F11
Focal Length : 20mm
Modifications : RAW modified
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