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My name is Richard J. Kyte, I am based in the Evesham area and this site is dedicated to my photography.   Most of the images on this site have been taken since June 2008, when I changed from a 35mm film SLR camera to a digital one, but there are a few 35mm photographs on this site that pre-date this change-over.

The photographs have been subdivided into eight galleries, which can be accessed via the menu above.  Each gallery contains collections of photographs with a common theme.
Featured Photographs
Please note that there would appear to be another photographer called "Richard Kyte" and I have therefore used my middle initial to hopefully avoid confusion.
Recent Additions
Recent Collection Updates
Items published or used for Promotional Purposes
All photographs on this site and any corresponding sales galleries are copyrighted to Richard J. Kyte and no attempt should be made to extract any of the photographs directly.   Any attempts to do so will be treated as breach of copyright and may result in legal action being taken.
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