P54902 - Clouds Hill, Dorset - Dorset

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Clouds Hill, Dorset
"Clouds Hill", Dorset
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Date : 15th September, 2011
Photograph Reference : P54926
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/200sec
Aperture : F11
Focal Length : 20mm
Modifications : Camera JPG unmodified
"Clouds Hill" was the home of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) from 1923  until his death in 1935 in a motorbike accident on the road between here and  Bovington.   The cottage itself dates from 1808 as a labourer's cottage, and was  very basic accomodation and initially Lawrence didn't live in it full-time,  sleeping and eating in Bovington Camp.  It is now a National Trust  property.

This was the only photograph I took on the site, and since I didn't have  enough material for a collection in the Heritage Property gallery, it has been included in this  collection instead.  
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