P66599 - White Mill, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset - Dorset

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White Mill, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
White Mill, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset
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Date : 19th May, 2015
Photograph Reference : P66599
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 200
Exposure Time : 1/30sec
Aperture : F8
Focal Length : 35mm
Modifications : RAW modified

The mill is National Trust-owned, and is only open at weekends and Bank  Holiday Mondays.   Since my visit was on a Tuesday, I was unable to enter the  grounds and had to make do with photographing it from the road (looking  northwest in this case).

I had some difficulty deciding which collection this photograph should  go.   I didn't have enough photographs of the mill to justify a new National  Trust collection, so it was either the "Dorset" collection or the "Kingston  Lacy" collection (I believe the mill is part of the KL estate); in the end I've  decided on the former, but I won't guarantee it won't be moved at a later  date

There is a car park on the right hand side of the road just past the mill  as you head towards Kingston Lacy.
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